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Zhongke yiberg is committed to independent design, R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-precision five axis linkage double swing milling head, double axis turntable and motorized spindle. Its technical and process capabilities are comparable to the international advanced level, and is determined to become a leading enterprise across the advanced manufacturing of machinery and electricity.

As the enlightener of the five axis linkage domestic market, the company has served the machine tool industry for more than ten years, focused on the R & D outsourcing and supply of five axis linkage milling head, helped Chinese machine tool manufacturers break through the technical bottleneck, realized the export substitution of key technologies and products, and enabled the large-scale promotion and application of domestic five axis machine tools.

Among them, T series milling head adopts a / C axis torque motor + high-speed motorized spindle fork integrated structure, hydraulic holding to realize high-speed cutting, which is suitable for high-speed and high dynamic performance occasions; M Series A / C axis adopts unique high-precision clearance elimination transmission structure and is equipped with high-speed motorized spindle to realize high-speed cutting, which is suitable for high-rigid cutting occasions; U series products adopt full mechanical transmission structure, which is suitable for heavy-duty cutting.

The company focuses on complex curved surface processing technology. Its product application fields cover high-end manufacturing fields such as aviation, aerospace and shipbuilding, and serves many major projects such as j-20 and yun-8, which has been highly recognized by the industry. Customers are all over large and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers in China, and key customers include Shenyang machine tool, Shenzhen JUGANG, Shenyang Maka, Wuhan heavy, Ningjiang machine tool, Qizhong CNC, etc.

In order to meet the needs of customers for rapid maintenance and repair of five axis head, motorized spindle and other products, the company has established a professional after-sales service team and set up service centers in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other regions to undertake various domestic and foreign mechanical milling head, pentahedral milling head, torque motor double swing head, motorized spindle maintenance and other businesses.

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